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This tablet holder can be attached to the carbon rod, it is lightweight, robust and easy to instal by adjusting the holder to the rod, the quick release system can mount any phone Android or Apple or rugged tablet. For the rugged tablet you can you can use the landscape modus. No need to hold your phone or tablet just use the quick release system to mount the tablet or phone.


Size tablets/phones: width or height between 4.25″ to 7.25″
Size pole: 12 – 40 mm
Ball size: 22 mm

Consists of:

  • Clamp with ball connection
  • Adapter with dual T-tab mounting
  • Phone/tablet holder
  • Clamp with ball connection
  • Adapter with dual T-tab mounting
  • Phone/tablet holder


A tablet holder is a tool to hold a tablet without having strain in your hands and arms. It helps you carry the tablet. For example if you want to use a tablet in combination with a GPS rod then you can mount the tablet with a tablet holder to a GPS rod. You can carry the complete GPS surveying kit with just one hand, without having to worry that the tablet will fall.

When you do GPS surveying you want to connect a tablet or phone to a GPS rod. This is best done with a tablet holder that is small and light. For this purpose the tablet holder should have a clamp that can grab the GPS rod tight. On the other side there should be the holder for the tablet. When there is a ball connection between the clamp and the holder you can turn the tablet in any direction you want.

The main benefit of a tablet holder is that you don’t have to hold the tablet in your hands. This will take out the stress in your muscles of holding a tablet. Also you will have more peace in mind, because you don’t have to worry that the tablet will fall.

There are many tablet holders. But not all of them are good. When it comes to a good tablet holder it has to hold your tablet well. The risk of falling of the tablet should be minimized. Most tablet holders do that with springs. Which is a great solution. Another thing that makes a tablet holder good is that it is light and small. You don’t want a tablet holder that is heavier and bigger than your tablet. When a tablet holder is small and light your GPS surveying kit will be easier to use and it will be easier to store it.

Tablet holders are a great investment. If you wouldn’t have a tablet holder you would have to hold it yourself. But if you use a tablet holder you can connect the tablet to the GPS rod and you will have one hand free to control the tablet. Besides that the change of the tablet falling out of the tablet holder is smaller than when you carry it by hand. So yes, tablet holders are worth it.

A tablet holder is easy to install. The clamp of this tablet holder can be opened and closed by turning the screw knob. It fits on any GPS rod or other pole or bar that has a diameter between 12 and 40 mm.


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