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survey cost

Cut your land survey cost

The land survey cost of all projects is rising. We can know because we used to have several civil engineering agencies. Also in our projects the prices for land surveying were getting more and more expensive. That is why we developed affordable surveying software. It is called Apglos Survey Wizard.


This land survey app is developed to make land surveying easy and to cut the land survey cost. One of the methods to lower the price of land surveying is a different price system. That price system is pay-per-use. This means that for the functions in the land survey app some amount of your credits will be deducted. This has a great benefit. You only pay for the functions you use.

You only spend credits when you use Apglos Survey Wizard

So it does not matter if you do not use Apglos Survey Wizard, because your credits will be saved in your account. And you can use them whenever you need them.

FREE credits for every new user

Of course you don’t have to buy credits before you really want to use the land survey app Apglos Survey Wizard. We want you to try our GPS app first. That is why we give you 2500 credits for free. You only have to download Apglos Survey Wizard and register.

The 2500 free credits are sufficient for you to try Apglos Survey Wizard for yourself. 

Our webshop

In our webshop you can buy credits. It is easy and trusted.
When you buy in our webshop you will get a coupon with a code.
This coupon you can fill in in Apglos Survey Wizard and then right away the amount of credits will be added to your account so you can continue to land survey right away.

Our dealers

We have many dealers in the world. From these dealers you can buy also the credits for Apglos Survey Wizard.
Our dealers will be happy to help you with your questions.
Check here the list of dealers that support us and help you to make the best land surveying prices.

In app purchases

In our app you can buy credits straight away. It is the quickest method and you can already buy an amount of 1000 credits for less than € 2.
There are many different amounts of credits you can buy. This goes up to 130000 credits at once.
The higher the amount of credits the lower the price is per credit

Free methods

In our app there are several options to get credits for free.
For example in our app you can share our app by email for 1000 credits for every new user.
Also when you give a positive review on our app we reward you with 1000 credits.
And then there are more ways to earn coins outside of the app.


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